Friday, 28 November 2008


Our show team (of 2!) for 2009......

Our Groove cria Cinnamon

Our Accoyo Killawasi cria Clover, who has THE most amazing fleece

For anyone debating whether or not to use Cambridge in the Groove, here are our 3 reasons to do so....

In answer to your comment Mark.....

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Sunday, 23 November 2008


Having been away for a pampering session with my sister Tracey, I returned feeling revitalised, but this weekend has put the icing on the cake.

Tim brought over gorgeous Jack to do some spit offs. Expecting at least one of our alpacas to be empty, we had decided we were probably best to delay any further matings until next spring. The good news was that all alpacas were pregnant, which means our latest baby will be due September next year.

Whilst Tim was here he took the opportunity to survey this years additions and I am pleased to report he had the same opinion as me on the cria. We are very much looking forward to getting 2 of this year's cria onto the show circuit next year. With the futurity accomodation, and my handling services booked I am also hoping to take the older cria with me. I can't wait.

The cherry on the icing was at the children's football tournement this morning where Isla scored a cracking goal (one of only two by her team). How proud was I!!!

Photos to follow when cria are less wet and we have a nicer day for it!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Post for the sake of posting

I have had enough of seeing a miserable post at the top of the blog so at the risk of posting for the sake of it......

I have had the information through for the Alpaca Futurity this weekend and am looking forward to our first alpaca show event of 2009 - what a way to start! I will only be taking one of our alpaca but will be flying the flag for Inca and Moonsbrook so I am sure will be kept busy.

All the pointer pups have now gone to their new homes - their progress can be monitored on our site

Hopefully will have some proper news to post soon!!!