Saturday, 9 July 2011

An update in pictures

All is well at Amiryck.  The whirlwind of Milo and Cosmo have gone home and relative peace has been restored!  During their visit Milo came to Windsor with me and qualified for Crufts with a 3rd place PGD (not bad for his 2nd ever show and with no practice!).  Herby came home with a 1st place in LD.  Cosmo decided he couldn't possibly be stacked and was left at home but his natural hunting prowess really impressed us.

Herby enjoying the peace

and proving he can work too... not sure about the retrieve!

Maggie can do that as well

Recall is coming on a treat

and we are practicing sit and wait as well

even when the alpacas try to distract us

the alpacas are doing well, here is little Fagus
The kittens have had their first taste of solid food...

Mum, Bella shows them how it's done

We get this

little Angel caught on well

it was a bit messy though and a clean afterwards was required

hmmm not a very effective clean up...