Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Puppy Progress

This week has been a good week to follow the progress of our puppies.  On Saturday at the HWVA's first ever Championship Show we got to see Jeannie of the first time since she left us last summer.  She really reminded us of her mother in more than just her looks as she larked around the ring.  It was great to hear how much her new owners were enjoying her even if she is keeping them on their toes!

The following Monday we received news that Tennant had been placed Best of Breed and shortlisted for Best in Show at Cornwall Gundog Society Show - I am promised there will be a picture to follow.  Needless to say we are very proud of Cally's son/ Daisy's brother.

Yesterday we received some photos of Milo (Apple's son/ Herby's brother) and his uncle Cosmo (Cally's son  from her final litter last year and Jeannie's brother).  What a smart pair of wires.  Like Jeannie I think Cosmo is keeping his owners on their toes.  Pictures of them below.

Milo and Cosmo
(Milo struggling to keep his eyes open)

Milo and Cosmo
Lastly we are very pleased to announce Herby is going to be a daddy.

Well actually that wasn't quite our last bit of news - there is some other very exciting news but you will have to wait next week for that :).

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Freesia the cria... or is it a puppy?

Freesia continues to do well and can be seen here running around with the dogs and I!

Monday, 11 April 2011

SWAG Spring Show

We had a lovely time at the SWAG Spring Show this weekend.  Amiryck Elmer picked up a third prize (Junior Black Male) and Amiryck Evening Primrose a fourth (Junior Brown Female) both in very large classes.  I obviously wasn't able to photograph that happening so the photos below are of the children doing me proud in Junior Handling and Marks big moment with Qjori.

Isla entering the ring with Amiryck Eucalyptus

Competent leading by Isla

Careful leading through the chairs

Chris playing it cool with Amiryck Elmer

More careful navigation through the chairs

The Junior Handling Class

Isla with her first place rosette, Chris picked up the second place

Mark and Qjori proving they are perfectly in tune with each other!

Sweet talking...

Mark with Qjori, keeping an eye on Gary handling his Roger!

Mark with Qjori, Reserve Champion Brown Male Huacaya
(looking VERY serious!)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The big outdoors

With the weather forecast for a warm sunny day I decided to let Freesia stretch her legs.  Once outside in the garden mum Annie decided she would quite like to get out in the field so they were let out to meet the others.  As you can see the rest were keen to meet her and it was all rather tiring but I am wondering how keen they will be to come in again this evening for me!

Still in the garden

Meeting the others

Being sociable is soooo tiring

Sunday, 3 April 2011

What a few days!

We have had a rather eventful last few days.

On thursday morning Richard went into the paddock to find a cold, lifeless cria on the ground.  Annie had given birth at 10 1/2 months pregnant.  She can't have been born long but she was clearly very poorly.  We called the vet out who didn't fancy her chances at all.  Her temperature wouldn't even register on the thermometer.  Thankfully my clinic for the day had been cancelled earlier in the week and I was on hand to try to do what I could.  I spent quite a while warming her with a hairdryer and eventually, when she was warm enough, we tube fed her.  She was clearly extremely weak but we had at least been able to warm her up.  She could hold her head swaying it around for brief periods now.

By her third feed she was able to take it very successfully from the bottle, if I steadied her head.  She spent her first night in the house with us, where I could monitor her carefully and carry on feeding her.  From then on she continued to make progress.  Despite her limbs being very wobbly and knock knee'd we were able to stand her for short periods the following day.  If we held her she was able to feed from her mum for short periods.   We had expressed what we could up until then so that she got what we could give her but her feed had mainly been powdered colostrum.

She is now able to stand herself up and feed herself - a vast improvement.  We hope she continues to do well.  We have named her Freesia.  She is extra special to us since she is the first girl Annie has given birth to here (she has had 4 boys for us prior to that) and she is a very pretty fawn.

In addition Saturday saw the birth of 2 call ducks.  I had to leave them in the care of the family whilst I had a night off in Newquay on a hen night.  I came back to find another here today.  Rather late hatchers - being call ducks they normally hatch after 26-27 days.  These have been born on day 28 and 29!  As you can see the two that have dried out are very sweet!