Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Busy weekend now blue skies

I was away for a good few days last week.  On thursday we manned the discover dogs stand with Herby at Crufts.  I went straight from there to the British Alpaca Futurity.

Unfortunately I haven't any photos from there.  It is very difficult to take them from in the ring!  However, the Amiryck alpacas there did well.  Amiryck Danica, who now lives at Inca Alpaca won Champion Black Female Huacaya, Amiryck Elmer 2nd place Junior Black Male Huacaya and Amiryck Eucalyptus 5th place Junior Fawn Male Huacaya (some achievement for an alpaca sired by a black male!).

Today we enjoyed some blue skies...
Amiryck Cinnamon
Amiryck Edelweiss
Amiryck Elderflower
Amiryck Elderflower, again (well she is pretty!)
Amiryck Evening Primrose

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another lovely photo

I was sent this photo yesterday of Ruby from Cally's last litter.  Just proving that she knows how to point!

Also, below, from the same litter, a picture of Holly retrieving.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gorgeous boys

Milo and Cosmo
I had a lovely photo sent to me today of Milo and Cosmo.  No Cosmo hasn't shrunk, it was an old photo they just had printed off.  I had to post it on here because I am very proud of these two handsome young men.

Why all children should grow up with dogs...

Enough said! :)