Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fingers Crossed!

The weather has been so vile here I haven't had decent photos to post but I have taken a few this morning.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for puppies from Cezar and Apple at the end of January.  We should know in a week or so if the matings have been successful.


Meanwhile, Pearl demonstrates why white and mud don't mix!

Pointer mud wrestling

Ready to pounce on mum...

Monday, 7 November 2011

A spot of lunchtime training

I wanted to spend some time with Cezar to bring him up to speed on our commands and work on his obedience training so I took him and Maggie out this lunchtime.

he is very keen on the birds!

sat to attention

sat watching the birds!

training to leave the ducks
who weren't the slightest bit bothered!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

An extra hour with the family

I wish the clocks went back more often since it has been lovely to spend some time with the family.

the wires

a rare photo of me with the dogs!

Isla and Cezar, best of friends

Isla with Cezar

Chris with Maggie

Chris with Maggie

Cezar with the kids - he loves them <3

Isla with Cezar

Isla with Cezar

Isla with Maggie and Cezar

Cally, 8 years old and looking good!

The puppies getting some fresh air in the garden - love them!

Isla and Chris - showing they can get on


Richard picking on his son ;)

The lovely Erica

and her lovely mum Ronnie

Isla feeding Ronnie

and Lu

Chris feeding Ambrose

Friday, 21 October 2011

Settling in

Cezar has fitted in to our way of life well and is definitely one of the pack.

Testament to this breed's nature he runs happily with the alpacas

the other "main man" Herby!

Cezar and Herby
The pointer puppies are doing very well.




Sunday, 16 October 2011

A big step for Amiryck

We have had rather a tense and hectic last couple of weeks on top of our normal manic-ness!  I have for some time been looking around for suitable husbands for Apple.  I was concious that I didn't want to "get in a hole" with the gene pool over here since a large number of the wires we see in the UK are from only a handful of lines, which starts to make finding an unrelated male pretty difficult.  I had seen a male I liked in Holland, whose progress I had been monitoring with the thought of possibly asking to use him.

However a couple of weeks ago I saw a male for sale in Hungary that stood out to me.  Interestingly when I asked about his pedigree he was descended from the same lines as the male I had liked in Holland.  However, despite the fact that we liked the look of him we wouldn't dream of importing a male without making sure we liked his temperament.  So last weekend Richard went on a whistle stop trip to Hungary to make sure he was what he seemed.  He was and the last week has seen some frantic planning to get him over here, thankfully he already had his pet passport.

He arrived home today and has settled really well.  We know he will have a lot of differences to get used to but he has such a lovely nature we are sure it won't take him long to adjust.

So meet Fürdöházi Álnok (Cézár).  Our thanks to Zsofia and Rita for their help getting him here!

Maggie, Daisy, Cezar, Apple, Cally and Herby

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chilled Sunday

We enjoyed a lovely family walk with the dogs this afternoon.

Casting off


we were being watched

On the way back through the alpaca paddock I took a couple of photos of this year's cria.  We are so pleased with them.
Cinnie and Fennel

Coco and Filbert

Forget Me Not

For the cute factor a picture of Isla with Pearl.
Isla with Pearl