Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring update

I thought an update was long overdue.  As usual it is busy, busy, busy here but not much news.

The puppies have started leaving us and we are looking forward to a quieter life shortly!  One will be staying extra especially longer since she will be heading over to France.  The ones that have left are doing very well and we look forward to monitoring their progress.  This litter has been a bit special since we own both parents, a first for us!

The cats are doing well although I am afraid there is no photo update.

The alpacas are no doubt enjoying this brighter spell and I hope the cooler spell we are due this week doesn't last too long.

Isla with the gang

some 2011 cria

the dogs

the wires

Pearl and Maggie having a stand off over a rabbit foot


Nettie,who is joining our gang